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I have good health insurance - doesn't that pay for this already?

Your health insurance generally pays for you to come in for a 15 minute visit to address health problems that are covered. It
does not pay for any enhanced services or conveniences that this plan offers. For these services to be covered under most
insurances you need to physically come in for an appointment. That means taking time off from work, waiting in the waiting
room, waiting for an appointment or even to get your call answered, arranging for child care, etc. My patients have told me
that this is not the kind of service they want and need. Often a quick phone call can alleviate worry about a test result ordered
by me or your specialist. Serious problems need to be diagnosed and treated quickly, not when there is an opening in the schedule.
For Medicare patients, with the exception of the first physical in the first six months when you enroll, Medicare pays for no
physical exams, labs or preventive care. In the new practice, comprehensive annual screening exams will be provided for all
members, including Medicare patients.
Then what do I need my insurance for?

You will still need insurance to pay for diagnostic studies such as x-rays, and to cover specialist services and hospitalizations. I
will be able to order all of these things for you, even though I do not participate with any insurances. However, I will not be able
to write referrals for HMOs requiring an in-plan physician referral.
I have a Flex Spending or Medical Savings Account through work. Can I use this for the annual professional fee?

In many cases yes, but please check with your plan administrator.

What should I do if I have an HMO?

If you are able, I hope you have the option to make another choice during Open Enrollment that will make it easier for
you to participate. It may also be possible to continue your HMO coverage and participate in my practice, but have a
designated primary care provider who participates with the HMO to write any necessary in-plan physician referrals.

How do I join?
Please call the office for enrollment information to be mailed or emailed to you or download the Patient Agreement.
Can I meet Dr. Alonso prior to signing a contract?
Absolutely!  Please call the office for a no-obligation meeting with Dr. Alonso to find out if this practice is a good fit for you.
Can I cancel my Patient Agreement at any time?
Yes, you may cancel this Patient Agreement at any time by sending the Practice written notice (a) stating that you wish to cease
using the Practice for your medical services and (b) requesting that a copy of your medical record be sent to either another
physician or directly to yourself. If your Patient Agreement is terminated prior to your renewal date, a pro-rata portion of the
Annual Fee (based on whole months remaining in the Agreement) or of the most recent quarterly installment of the Annual Fee
if you have chosen to pay quarterly (based on whole months remaining in the quarter) will be refunded to you within ninety (90)
days after the effective date of termination. If you have already received your Annual Physical Examination for the year, then
$800.00 will be deducted from any pro-rata refund owed to you.
Do I have to pay a copay?
One of the many benefits of your membership is no copays.  The office will collect a nominal fee per visit if you surpass the
allowed number of visits in your Patient Agreement.  Please see Membership Benefits section for more information.
What if I have an emergency after office hours?
Dr. Alonso is available on her cell phone after office hours.
What do I do if I need to see a specialist?
Dr. Alonso will coordinate your appointment with the appropriate specialist(s) to best address your particular medical condition.
Dr. Alonso will closely monitor your progress while under a specialist's care.
What if I have to go to the hospital?
Dr. Alonso will serve on a consultant basis to ensure appropriate management and progress.